Joint Stock Company for textile production "Moda" Sveti Nikole

JSC “Moda” presents a legal successor of the former quilt production company “Svila” from Sveti Nikole which was established by a Decision by the National Board of Sveti Nikole municipality no. 325 of 1955.

Initial activities of the company were to manufacture production of quilts and hand-knot rugs. In the period from 1963 to 1968, the company introduces and other activities as follows: “processing of synthetic blankets”, “production of knitted fabrics” and “production of lightweight clothing”, which was held as a basic activity is to this day.

31/12/1973. The production company “Svila” will be constituted as a working organization without OOZT and will be registered in the register of the Municipal Trial Court in Stip Commerce under no. F.I. no. 662/73.

In 1978. “Svlila” is merging with R.O. “Trgotekstil” in Skopje with self-association agreement which was signed on 17.04.1978 and becomes the main organization of associated labor for the production of textile products, “Svila” and is registered in the Commercial Court in Stip under no. F.I. no. 578/78.

On 31/08/1979 is the change of the name of then OOZT “Svila” and gets the name “OOZT production of textile products Moda – Sveti Nikole. Changing the name has been registered under F.I. br.35/79 in the District Commercial Court in Stip.

Based on the present law for enterprises in 1989 “Moda” is transformed into socially owned enterprise “Trgotekstil-Moda” C.O. Sveti Nikole and since then company continues to operate independently out of R.O. “Trgotekstil” from Skopje. This transformation has been entered in the District Commercial Court in Stip under F.I. no. 547/89.

By Decision no. 029288/10 from 21.06.1991 “Moda” was transformed as a Joint Stock Company in mixed ownership “Moda” Sveti Nikole. Transforming JSC is registered under Sreg. no. 868/91 in the District Commercial Court in Stip.

On 02/06/1995 based on the law of transformation of enterprises with social capital, the Board of JSC “Moda” make decisions for the rest of the transformation of social capital no. 02-490/46. Based on the selected model for the sale of the company of people who undertake the management and conduct of affairs of the company and guided procedure, on 05.01.1996 The Agency of the Republic of transformation of enterprises with social capital contract with the German firm “CASA MODA Heinrich Katt” for sale by JSC “Moda” – Sveti Nikole. The privatization of social capital is recorded in the registration file of the District Commercial Court in Stip no. 1-832-0 of the Year 04/01/1996.

On 11/27/1998 JSC “Moda” comply with the Company Law and this adjustment is recorded in the Trade Register. no. 1445/98 in the Basic Court in Stip.